Free Site Link Offers Chance To Spread Wellness Message to Employees, Staff

Professionals looking for low-cost ways to enhance their wellness programs can link to the Wellness Junction Web site, free of charge, at

Wellness Junction, an online resource for consumers and professionals. By linking your intranet or Web site to the Wellness Junction site, you can point your employees and members to tips and strategies that will help them lead healthier lives — without the time or expense of creating the content yourself.

Plus, a link to the “At Work” section will help you and your staff get essential materials you can use in your careers, from how-to management tips to industry studies about the performance of wellness initiatives, to successful program profiles.

In addition to the information “on site,” visitors can sign up for a free e-mail newsletter geared toward the wellness or health promotion professional – Wellness Junction Professional Update.

Creating a link is free and easy. The following description can be used to help explain the site to your staff, students and other site visitors:

Wellness Junction. Start here on your quest for health & wellness information online. Wellness Junction contains information on such wellness-related topics as diet and nutrition, fitness, weight control, smoking cessation, stress management and more. Plus, you’ll find exclusive information on industry studies, workplace programming and management tips. Click here to visit Wellness Junction,



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