A Sanctuary For the Newly Unemployed, A Healthier Nation, and The Benefits of “Meetings On The Move”

Here are a few wellness-related headlines that should be of interest:


SWEAT THERAPY | Fitness Centers Become Sanctuary For The Newly Unemployed Seeking To Release Stress


Hitting the gym is a  growing trend as Americans grapple with the recession, says Equinox, a company that  runs 48 gyms in the U.S. Gym usage among existing Equinox members grew as much as 15 percent in the first quarter. Participation in classes that are included in the cost of the membership has increased by a similar amount, and the gym is adding more yoga classes to meet demand.


In a survey released by Rodale Inc., publisher of Men’s Health and Runner’s World, 84 percent of those polled said despite the recession, there is no better time to invest in maintaining good health.




A Healthy Nation In One Generation


America is proof of the tremendous triumphs and significant failures in preventing, treating and responding to the multitude of public health challenges we face in our daily lives.


We’ve eradicated polio and enacted seat-belt laws that have saved countless lives, yet we’re failing in a number of key measures of health, such as childhood obesity and infant mortality. It would be a critical mistake to ignore the importance of public health in our eagerness to reform our current health system. As our new White House Office of Health Reform and Congress tackle health reform, a strong public health system must be a crucial component of the solution.




Public Health Experts Give Tips And Discuss Benefits Of “Meetings On The Move”


“‘Meetings on the Move’ is an inexpensive, easy way to improve health and productivity,” says Tim McBride, Ph.D., associate dean for public health at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. Meetings on the Move (MOTM) get employees on their feet and out of the office environment.


“Forty percent of the population are absolute couch potatoes,” says Debra Haire-Joshu, Ph.D, and professor of social work at Washington University. “That’s almost a learned behavior. You learn to sit at school; you learn to sit at work. What ‘Meetings on the Move’ really does is get us active like we used to be when we were kids. We can learn then to bring activity back into our daily life, just like we learned to take it out.”




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