Resources, Tips, Sharing, And Helpful Hints Are Useful Benefits of Wellness Manager Discussion Group Membership

Pedometers, HRA resources, on-line wellness education resources, fitness center management software, signage to promote walking, guidelines for a wellness visit, studies on stress and workplace outcomes wellness committees, and discussion of a wellness strategic plan were among discussion topics among members of the online Wellness Manager Discussion Group.

More than 1,380 professional wellness and health promotion managers and others keenly interested in workplace health improvement are members of the online forum sponsored by Wellness Program Management Advisor, Wellness Junction Professional Update and by

The e-mail “listserv” is dedicated to serving the information needs of professionals responsible for managing and administering workplace wellness programs.

The list is moderated therefore no inappropriate material or messages are delivered to members.

How it works: Workplace wellness professionals who need an answer to a question simply ask the members of our group for the answer.

Many wellness professionals from around the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries are members and contribute their thoughtful comments and professional expertise to the questions and answers posted.

A feature of our discussion group is that members have the ability to search the archive of all previously posted messages. They are saved and available to members only at our home page at Yahoo Groups –

The archive is keyword or key phrase searchable and will bring up a list of the messages on a specific subject.

As the number of messages grows, the group is essentially building a “gold mine” of workplace wellness professional thought.

You must be a registered member to get access to the archive; however, registration is free.

There is no cost and it’s easy to sign up one of three ways:

Go to the Wellness Manager Discussion Group home page:

A sign-up box is available at


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