Retention Key To Health Management Program Success

Health management programs should be designed to retain employees, according to

The programs, when designed properly, are a win-win proposition for employees hoping to improve their health and employers seeking to reduce their health insurance premiums,

“Continued program participation is like sticking to a new diet,” said Holt Vaughan of “At first, it’s easy to stay with a new employee wellness program because it’s new and your health goals are fresh in your head. But as the weeks wear on, people drop off because they lack the structure, community, incentives and results that they need to stick with it.”

Health management is one of the primary tenets at so program retention is consistently stressed to clients at their San Antonio, Texas, headquarters.

Vaughan said corporate wellness surveys are an important tool that wellness program managers can use to ensure retention. “Wellness surveys are easy to customize and administer, and they tell you what employees want from their health management programs,” Vaughan said. “If you listen to what they are saying, you won’t have wellness program participation shortfalls down the road.”

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One response to “Retention Key To Health Management Program Success

  1. I very much agree with this article and support employee wellness as a way to keep a corporate team healthy in more ways than one. A healthy team also creates the atmosphere for a healthy business, because health is more than just a workout or two.

    Health refers to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and leads to a foundation from which wonderful things can happen!. At the blog that I keep, we recommend the help of Professional Health and Wellness Coaches in a corporate setting to get the program set up exactly according to the needs of the client. Health Coaches address individual lifestyle issues, possible obstacles to incorporating healthy habits in the everyday. They help clients and corporations research information that may be missing, also collaborate with additional professionals to ‘pull everything together’ for sustainable, lasting success.

    So, as a professional health and wellness coach myself, having worked with countless individuals around this topic, I can only add additional support to the article and encourage any company, large or small, to consider a personalized program.

    Submitted by, Tatiana Abend, founder, owner, Bodyision SL

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