Wellness/Health Promotion Professionals’ Titles Vary Widely; So Do Salary Levels

Workplace wellness professionals’ titles vary widely by organization although their duties are similar in scope, according to an analysis of the results of the Wellness Professionals Salary and Benefits Survey conducted by Wellness Program Management Advisor.

Your title could mean a big difference over what your counterpart with a different title earns who is employed elsewhere. For instance, wellness directors make an average of $10,676, or 20.7 percent, more a year than those holding the title wellness coordinator, according to the survey results based on 2004 data, the most recent year available.

The average salary for wellness directors was $62,238, while the average salary of wellness coordinators was $51,562.

Directors of health promotion participating in the survey averaged 12.6 percent a year less than wellness directors, or $55,296. The spread between a director of health promotion and a wellness coordinator was $3,734 or 6.8 percent, the survey found.

A note of caution, however, is that those who participated in the survey were employed by a variety of organizations including major employers, health plans, hospitals, universities and government agencies.

Also, because participation in the survey is optional among wellness professionals, the chance for missing information, or numbers that are skewed is greater than a more scientific or controlled study.


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Wellness professionals’ salaries for 2004 ranged from a high of $95,000, up from $94,000 in 2003, to a low of $20,300, up $300 over 2003. The overall salary average of those participating in the survey was $51,620.

Among respondents, 42.4 percent had “wellness” in their title, while “health promotion” titles accounted for 12.1 percent of those who responded.

By titles, “coordinator” was the most frequent with 26.5 percent of participants, followed by “manager” with 22 percent, and “director” with 18.9 percent.

But titles are all over the “ballpark.” Here is a representative sample of who participated in the survey: wellness coordinator, wellness director, wellness/fitness manager, corporate wellness coordinator, director community health and wellness, director of health promotion, director, worksite preventive health, employee health/wellness coordinator, health and wellness coordinator, health improvement manager, health promotion manager, health education and wellness manager and wellness program manager.

The survey was conducted online among wellness professionals and subscribers to Wellness Program Management Advisor, Wellness Junction Professional Update and members of the Wellness Managers Professional Discussion Group.

Source: Wellness Professionals’ Salary and Benefits Survey.

Address: Wellness Program Management Advisor, 1913 Atlantic Ave., S 200, Manasquan, NJ 08736; (732) 292-1100, www.wellnessjunction.com.


One response to “Wellness/Health Promotion Professionals’ Titles Vary Widely; So Do Salary Levels

  1. Hi,
    My name is Kimberly. I work in the satellite industry and have seen and personal experience what long hours, shift work, poor management, and lack of sunlight can do to a person. I am a very athletic person and compete in National Pentathlon and Horse Show events.

    I would really like to make a permanent career change. I have done some things part time to explore what I would like to do- Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist, and Certified Riding Coach. All those things are great, but I would still like to be a business professional and would really like to know how to become a wellness coordinator and help people in industrys have a better life at work. What degrees are good for this profession? What is a good entry level job to transfer into this profession, HR maybe?

    Any additional info or links would be helpful.


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