Pedometers Anyone?

Every so often, the subject of good, reliable, and inexpensive pedometers comes up on our Wellness Manager Discussion Group.

Wellness managers, whose programs include walking, like the pedometers to help motivate and excite their organizations walking program participants.

The pedometer topic is one we “recycle” on the Group typically when a wellness manager is or has just begun a walking initiative.

Here are some bits and pieces of the most recent posts on pedometers from the Group.

The question:
“I am coordinating a corporate wellness walking program. I would like to
include pedometers. Please recommend vendors that you’ve used in the
past that offer really good functioning pedometers averagely priced
$4.00 – $5.00 per pedometer.”

I suggest pedometers for $1 from Dollar Tree. They are as accurate as
$10 pedometers. If money is no object try the Omron HJ-720ITC which is
now $29 on Amazon. It comes with a USB cable and you can download data to your PC. The software can also be used to import blood pressure
readings from compatible BP cuffs from Omron.”

“Check the February 09 issue of Consumers Report magazine. They recently rated pedometers. You’ll find the better quality, more expensive models listed – not best for bulk purchase in a corporate program. But, at a
minimum it will be a great resource for your employees if they would
like to purchase some on their own.”

Then, that discussion thread ran into other related points including that of pedometer fatigue.

“Very good idea. My experience after running several pedometer programs is that some people try it for up to a week and quit. A significant
proportion are satisfied with the device and complete most of the
program and then there are the people who want a more accurate device
and purchase their own.”

“We have competitions frequently, Step Challenges, and our associates
form teams to compete against each other for prizes. Usually we give
1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes to the teams that have the most steps. We do
these frequently throughout the year. Sometimes prizes are as simple as
movie passes but the competition is what gets people pumped!”

There is a wealth of knowledge on the use of pedometers that can be found in the archive of the Wellness Manager Group.

There are just over 1,400 members of the Group. If you are a wellness professional by any title, you are eligible to join the Group.

Just go to:

The Group is one of the services offered by Wellness Program Management Advisor and the Wellness Management Information Center.


2 responses to “Pedometers Anyone?

  1. I think for the “10,000 Step a Day” challenges, a $1.00 pedometer is good enough. But if you’re serious about your walking program, a pedometer with more features will be welcomed.

    You can vist my website where I discuss pedometers for sale.

  2. There is one company which provides these pedometers They called them MOVBands it helps to count your daily running rate, your daily steps, heart beat rate etc.they also provide some Maths learning DVDs for kids with that kids can learn Maths & they become more active

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