Wellness Managers and Issues Surrounding Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment or the ROI of a wellness and health promotion topic is always a key concern for wellness managers – proving the ROI of their programs to senior management.

The topic comes up every year on our Wellness Management Leadership Survey.It also has been the subject of numerous discussions on our Wellness Manager Discussion Group.

We have written about the ROI of workplace wellness in Wellness Program Management Advisor and some 17 articles written on the subject have been posted on WellnessJunction.com

Over on the Wellness Manager Discussion Group you can search on the term ROI over all the messages posted by the members and you’ll find more than 250 posts. Many of the messages have valuable information on this topic and on cost savings.

Just go to our Group home page on Yahoo. http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/WellnessManager

On the left hand navigation column click on Messages. Use the Search box:

Likewise, on WellnessJunction.com just use the Search box for articles on ROI and cost savings, etc. http://www.wellnessjunction.com


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