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Workplace Wellness And Social Media – Testing The Waters

Over the past months the editors of Wellness Program Management Advisor have been testing the waters of what is termed “social media” LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Here is our status report:

We have more than 1050 members of our Workplace Wellness Management Group on LinkedIn. New members sign up just about every day.

On Twitter we have 550 followers thus far without actively promoting it.

Over on Facebook we created a page for the Wellness Management Information Center. Posts on our “wall” include new items of interest, information about new blog posts, Tweets from Twitter, etc. So far, we have 130 fans and could use a few more.

From the beginning I had the feeling that Facebook, Twitter and the others can be useful tools for wellness professionals to reach your audiences in different ways. Now I am more convinced than ever that this will work in time.

New Tools For Wellness Programs  

Yes, there is a lot of “drivel” on Twitter with many posting too darn many Tweets with little or no substance. Who knows, Twitter may still be only a passing fad. But it is certainly drawing large numbers of professionals who are connecting and sharing in new ways.

Facebook combines the whats-on-your-mind idea of Twitter with its wall posts, and also provides opportunities to post to events, share discussions, photos, videos, ideas, and links.

I can see where many nominally tech savvy wellness managers could easily take advantage of the various tools on Facebook to help expand the reach of their programs. But Facebook also has a lot of people posting who just have too much time on their hands.

We have seen several professional associations using Twitter to make brief announcements about programs they are sponsoring for their members.

Many of the most highly regarded health organizations maintain an active presence on Twitter including the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, American Diabetes Association, YMCAs, Kaiser Permanente, the Lung Association, the American Cancer Society and Yale-New Haven Hospital. There are many more.

Here are links to the social media activities which we sponsor where we really are reaching new audiences:

We are known as Wellness Adviser on Twitter:

Wellness Management Information Center on Facebook:

Workplace Wellness Management on LinkedIn:

Wellness Manager Discussion Group

If you ask me, our Wellness Manager Discussion Group on Yahoo with more than 1,400 members is the granddaddy of social media in the wellness professional universe.

Come Join us.  Join in the networking and problem solving.

Bob Jenkins


What Strategies Do You Use To Measure Employee Engagement In Workplace Wellness

This question was posed by a member of our Workplace Wellness Management Group over on LinkedIn.

It’s a good question.

As you know, workplace wellness managers are always concerned about employee participation in programs.

It begs the question – how do you measure employee engagement in workplace wellness programs? So we posted the question on the Wellness Managers’ Discussion Group on Yahoo.

The answers were rich in information and helpfulness: Continue reading