Don’t Miss the Boat if there is the Potential for Grant Money for Your Wellness-Health Promotion Program

The key ingredient in starting or expanding a wellness program is mostly about getting the funding for the program.

According to the report “Grant Funding For Wellness and Health Promotion” the kinds of wellness programs being funded include:

• weight loss and exercise intervention for obese persons with chronic illnesses;
• health screening programs;
• Walk4Lfie;
• disease prevention;
• nutrition classes;
• fitness programming;
• preventing tobacco use and smoking cessation;
• childhood obesity prevention;
• school-based healthy lifestyles programs;
• community wellness centers; and
• the purchase of exercise equipment.

“If you want money from corporations today, you must come up with an investment
opportunity – a reason for the companies to invest in your cause, something that will bring
them definite benefits,” said an official with the Foundation Center Library network.

“Grant Funding for Wellness and Health Promotion Programs” is a funding sampler aimed to serve wellness and health promotion professionals engaged in such non-profit organizations as college and universities, hospitals, community-based initiatives and other non-profit organizations.

(Full disclosure our organization publishes this popular resource.)

For information on the report Grant Funding for Wellness and Health Promotion Programs click now on:


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