Wellness Program Participation – Getting Your Employees or Members to Agree to Have the Health Risk Assessment

Veteran wellness and health promotion managers know well that to the key to a successful, ongoing workplace wellness program is participation.

How “ya gonna keep ‘em coming back?’

And, a key piece of a successful wellness program is the health fair with screening – the health risk assessment (HRA.)

Despite much research and searching one member of the Wellness Manager discussion group on Yahoo, reported that although she had read many articles recently on health risk assessments she could not seem to find what she was looking for.

She was seeking an article that covered demonstrating the type of incentives for employees or members used for the HRA and the participation percentage associated with each “incentive”.

An example she cited reported that a raffle drawing showed less than 10 percent participation compared with reduced health premiums had close to 85-90 percent participation. She was looking for a reference supporting this idea.

In that connection the wellness manager also asked about C Suite support when it comes to HRA participation.

One member of the discussion group and himself a veteran wellness professional replied that there are a number of “really good references for incentives that you can Google and get right off the internet.”

Those articles include the following:
1) The role of incentive design, incentive value, communication strategy,
and worksite culture on HRA participation (2009)
2) Economic incentives for preventive care AHRQ evidence report
3) Employee participation in workplace HP and wellness programs: how
important are incentives and which works best? (2006)

He also noted that the San Diego Worksite Wellness coalition has some great resources for building a business case and how to gain senior management support. It’s called ICANATWORK. Check it out…. http://icanatwork.org/makingthecase.html

The Wellness Manager Discussion Group, with more than 1,500 members, is sponsored by the Wellness Management Information Center, and is open to all wellness and health promotion professionals.

If you are a wellness professional and may be interested in joining the group, please follow this link to the Wellness Manager discussion group home page: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/WellnessManager/


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