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Incentives For Participation Seen As A Core Program Element Necessary To Drive Participation

Although the use of incentives to motivate employees or members to participate in wellness programs continues to be debated, wellness professionals see the use of incentives as an important part of the over all programs goals for success found the “Workplace Wellness Program Management Survey.”

“Incentives are important to get those employees motivated and participating in programs that they may have not taken part in otherwise,” Continue reading


Value-Based Health Benefit Seen Increasing Employee Engagement

When wellness is linked to health benefits, the workplace culture begins to move towards adopting healthier lifestyles.

Employers can take advantage of this increased awareness by rewarding workers who practice healthier lifestyles with savings on healthcare, found research from the Principal Financial Well-Being Index.

Participation in health improvement activities, such as preventive screenings Continue reading

Collaboration Key To A Successful Wellness Program

Strategic planning and collaboration are keys to executing a successful corporate wellness program, according to Mike Wenadka, employee wellness manager at ConAgra Foods.

ConAgra Foods, as Wenadka explained, is a company that produces and markets such brands as Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Healthy Choice, Pam, Hunts and Swiss Miss, among other brands.

The company has approximately 20,000 employees in addition to 10,000 spouses, which are included as eligible for the wellness program. Continue reading