Are You Making the Most of Your Wellness Committee?

Workplace wellness and health promotion professionals agree that the heart of a successful wellness program lies in a dynamic wellness committee.

A couple of days ago a member of our Linkedin Workplace Wellness Management Group asked this question of group members: “While forming a wellness committee, do you have candidates apply to participate? Should candidates fit certain criteria? How do you ensure that you are capturing appropriate committee members?”

All good questions that shows that the member aims to build a successful wellness program.

Regarding candidates meeting certain criteria the committee should have a good representation of your target audience, i.e., blue-/white-collar, males/females, all levels of management, ethnicities, age groups, etc.

Once recruited, committee members need to have input into your program’s “strategic” plan, helping to select which services are offered, how they are offered, and how they are marketed. Do program organizers listen to, and value, committee feedback? This is a crucial component.

Wellness Committees: Best Practices and Proven Strategies for Success

Workplace wellness committees are one of the most important elements of a successful workplace health promotion program, according to the results of a workplace wellness management survey conducted by The Wellness Management Information Center.


Some 80 percent of wellness managers (by whatever title) said wellness committees are important for the success of their workplace wellness efforts, found a Wellness Management Leadership survey we conducted.

“The feedback the committee members provide is invaluable,” a wellness program manager told us. “They represent the employee population and are very plugged in to what they need and want from a workplace wellness department.”

A great resource on developing successful wellness committees is: “Wellness Committees: Best Practices and Proven Strategies for Success,”


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