Motivating Employees Always A Challenging Goal, Managers Say


Motivating and incenting employees to participate in their organization’s wellness programs is a much cited chief concern of wellness and health promotion professionals responding to the Workplace Wellness Management Survey, sponsored by the  Wellness Management Information Center.

Among the expressed concerns of wellness managers were such comments as getting employees to “buy in;” participation and commitment; “getting people engaged and participating;” ample time for the employee to participate in any programming;  “how to retain employees once they are engaged in the program;” the lack of individual employee motivation; getting people to use their memberships; and motivating additional participation.

The problem is employees “have so many work-related time constraints that sometimes it is difficult to get them to see wellness programs as a good use of their already limited time,” said a corporate nurse practitioner.

Concerning employee enrollment in programs a manager health promotion said: “Those interested in the interventions are the ones who need the interventions the least.”

Keeping employees once they participate in a wellness program is a challenge said a corporate wellness coordinator. “People start off with a great deal of enthusiasm, but unless continual reinforcement or some kind of incentive is offered, they tend to fall out … participation drops.”

The link between incentives and participation was brought up by another survey respondent who cited incentive-based (premium reduction) health coverage that rewards plan participants who attain personal health improvement goals as an issue.

Creating Excitement: Today’s Best Practices For Managing Formal Incentives That Drive Employee Participation and Engagement in Workplace Wellness And Health Promotion Programs

“The healthcare system as we know it in America will financially self-destruct in the near future if more creative approaches are not introduced,” said the president and principal consultant of a wellness services company.

“Dollar savings incentives through reduction of personal health risk is the only way to move the majority of the population to change its lifestyle,” he said.

Said a hospital occupational health manager: “In the current environment of people assuming less responsibility for their actions, it is going to be imperative for the employer to use ‘strong-arm’ tactics to force (or incentivize) their  employers to make healthier choices.”

The exclusive Workplace Wellness Management Survey was conducted by the Wellness Management Information Center among wellness and health promotion professionals.



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  1. Wellness programs gives the employee motivation that is a great way to engage employees while also promoting employee health and strategic organizational objectives

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