Wellness Committees Prove Their Value

Workplace wellness committees are important elements of successful workplace health promotion programs, according to the results of a workplace wellness management survey conducted by Wellness Program Management Advisor and http://www.WellnessJunction.com.

Almost 75 percent of the survey participants said they have a wellness committee for their organizational programs, and 80 percent said the committees are important for the success of their workplace wellness efforts, the survey revealed.


“The feedback the committee members provide is invaluable,” said a wellness program manager. “They represent the employee population and are very plugged in to what they need and want from a workplace wellness department.”

The committee also helps compose wellness information surveys that are circulated among all employee groups; in addition, they assist wellness department members with survey analysis, the manager said.

“We believe it’s important to know what people outside the wellness department are thinking and feeling,” the respondent noted. “We think we know, but the wellness committee often brings other issues to our attention. It’s a good idea to have many minds that are generating ideas. That’s a valuable service.”

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And the end result is program and process improvement, respondents noted.

“It’s a way for us to hear what others want and need in a wellness program,” said a project leader. “New ideas and suggestions are the things that help us maintain focus.”

Input And Momentum

Respondents often regarded wellness committee members as the “eyes and ears” of their coworkers, the survey found.

“Because they are ‘out there’ and not just members of our health promotion department, they have a lot of input on our programs and how we meet the needs of the employees,” said a wellness coordinator. “The committee is like having a think tank that helps us develop innovative programs.”

The committee members also promote and maintain a “wellness momentum” within an organizational structure, respondents said.

“[The committee] helps us keep the momentum going when we put programs in gear,” said a health educator. “It’s like having cheerleaders scattered throughout the company to help get the word out.”

But committee members also assist with health promotion marketing efforts, volunteer at health fairs and participate in membership drives, according to the survey.

“No job is too great or too small for [the committee],” a project manager noted. “They are  willing to take responsibility for motivating and engaging people, and they spread the wellness philosophy through a strong communication pla

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