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Getting To The ROI Of A Wellness Program; You Need Measures And Analytics

The New Year is still young and there is still time to adopt another new resolution. Yeah, zeroing in on your wellness program’s return-on-investment (ROI.)

The ROI ‘issue’ is not going away. So let’s hunker down and figure out ways to successfully prove the winning results of your organization’s wellness or health promotion program.

The future for wellness professionals includes a healthy dose of doing those calculations surrounding the performance of your program.

But it is not without “measurement conundrums,” according to Larry Chapman, MPH, founder of the founder of Chapman Institute and a leading authority and thought leader on workplace wellness.

“One of the first issues is risk stratification as a core to our programming and how does it offer us better measurement opportunities,” he said during a workshop sponsored by Wellness Program Management Advisor and the Wellness Management Information Center.

“Think about the role of a health risk assessment and the ability for us to identify different risk strata groups and then deal with the role of incentives and communications in helping people that are actually in those risk categories make use of the programs and the interventions that we structure for them,” he urged.

Every place where a wellness manager sees a line here or a dotted line, “you can Continue reading


Collaboration Key To A Successful Wellness Program

Strategic planning and collaboration are keys to executing a successful corporate wellness program, according to Mike Wenadka, employee wellness manager at ConAgra Foods.

ConAgra Foods, as Wenadka explained, is a company that produces and markets such brands as Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Healthy Choice, Pam, Hunts and Swiss Miss, among other brands.

The company has approximately 20,000 employees in addition to 10,000 spouses, which are included as eligible for the wellness program. Continue reading

Tracking Employer Use of Financial Incentives to Reward Healthy Behaviors

Many employers and wellness professionals as well have been keeping an eye on the growing trend of awarding meaningful incentives – not just tee shirts, coffee mugs and other similar tokens for participation in the organization’s wellness program. By meaningful incentives, we’re talking real cash incentives.

We have been conducting a survey on the use of incentives in wellness programs and some 110 wellness managers have responded. We are about to begin reporting on the results of this important survey in our monthly management newsletter – Wellness Program Management Advisor. We will also share the significant survey findings at some point on this blog.

A survey released last year by Watson Wyatt Worldwide and the National Business Group on Health illustrated just how important a subject incentives Continue reading

National Employee Wellness Program Participation Numbers

An average 19 percent of employees participate in programs administered by wellness managers who are either subscribers to Wellness Program Management Advisor, or members of the WellnessJunction.com online community.

Employee Participation Rates In Workplace Wellness Programs

* Average Employee Participation — 19%

* Corporate Programs — 22%

* Hospital Programs — 12.5%

Source: Workplace Wellness Management Survey, copyright Wellness Program Management Advisor

A caveat for wellness professionals, these numbers were gathered in 2004. As a result, it can be assumed that participation rates have changed. To determine that, the Wellness Management Information Center is mounting a new survey focused on participation in programs.

There have been other surveys in recent years on the topic of employee participation in wellness programs. But some of those surveys were among employees. The Wellness Program Management Advisor survey was among professional wellness managers whose duties include tracking participation.

The managers reported participation rates that ranged from a low of three percent to a high of 55 percent of total employees, our Workplace Wellness Management Survey found.

In some instances, rates are higher depending on the type of program being offered, a manager said.

Employee participation in wellness programs at one airline was reported at 18 percent, our survey found. And another manager reported “marketing some programs to families.”

For the most part, corporate wellness programs reported greater participation, ranging from 5 percent to 55 percent, the Wellness Program Management Advisor poll found.

The average participation rate among corporate programs is 22 percent, our survey found.

Hospital rates ranged from 10 percent to 25 percent of employees. There were too few participants from the university or government sectors to be included in the calculations.

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Wellness Managers and Issues Surrounding Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment or the ROI of a wellness and health promotion topic is always a key concern for wellness managers – proving the ROI of their programs to senior management.

The topic comes up every year on our Wellness Management Leadership Survey.It also has been the subject of numerous discussions on our Wellness Manager Discussion Group.

We have written about the ROI of workplace wellness in Wellness Program Management Advisor and some 17 articles written on the subject have been posted on WellnessJunction.com

Over on the Wellness Manager Discussion Group you can search on the term ROI over all the messages posted by the members and you’ll find more than 250 posts. Many of the messages have valuable information on this topic and on cost savings.

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